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Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson

“The best way of learning, to use folk language, is by getting the feel of it. You get the feel of a poem, the feeling of a picture, the feeling of a statue. Feeling is a very meaningful word. We do not just feel with the fingers, but with the heart, the mind. You feel with the learning of the past. You feel with the hopes for the future. You feel the present”.-Milton Erickson

Milton Erickson was an eminent American psychiatrist born on 5th December, 1901. His specializations were family therapy and medical hypnosis. He had the honor of being the founding president of the American Society for clinical hypnosis. He was also the fellow at the American Psychological Association as well as the American Psychopathological Association. Milton’s approach to observing the unconscious mind was very profound and creative. The studies he conducted on the unconscious mind led to a greater degree of problem solving related to the problems of an unconscious mind. Milton Erickson also played a significant role in the field of strategic family therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, solution-focused brief therapy, brief therapy and family systems therapy. Milton Erickson is one of the most significant figures in the field of modern hypnosis as he had a personal history regarding this field. When Milton Erickson was young he suffered from polio. He used the techniques of self-hypnosis to heal his pains and sufferings caused by polio.

According to the study of Milton Erickson, hypnosis is systematic utilization consisting of experiential learning or learning by experiences. Milton Erickson also inferred that hypnosis is not a mystical procedure at all.  Erickson is most popular for his approaches to psychotherapy that are somewhat unconventional. Jay Haley, one of the pioneers of family therapy, acknowledges “Erickson’s unconventional approach” in his book entitled as Uncommon Therapy. This book written by Jay Haley discusses the wide usage of hypnosis to as well as story and therapeutic metaphor. Erickson conceived the term “brief therapy” as a method to address therapeutic change in comparatively few sessions. Milton Erickson had a unique ability to alter a person’s neurotic habit, cultural backgrounds, favorite words and even beliefs to cure the person out of his or her sufferings through the therapy of hypnosis. According to Erickson’s belief, the unconscious mind is always working, even when an individual is in his sleep. He coached to his students that the unconscious mind can be separated from the conscious mind by instilling the very concept. The unconscious mind can develop its own learning, training, responses, interests and awareness by training to separate itself from the conscious mind. According to the teachings imparted by him, an unconscious mind is solution-generating, creative and positive. As a famous and well-learned and experiences hypnotherapist, Erickson discovered that people who are resistant towards going into a state of hypnosis or trance are resistant to adopt change in themselves. Erickson has transferred his knowledge to a lot of eminent persons. He died on 25th March, 1980.

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