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Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber

“What is it in you that brings you to a spiritual teacher in the first place? It’s not the spirit in you, since that is already enlightened, and has no need to seek. No, it is the ego in you that brings you to a teacher.”- Ken Wilber

Kenneth Earl “Ken” Wilber II is a well known American writer, public speaker and neoplatonic. Born on January 31st, 1949, he is a lecturer in a variety of versatile fields. These fields range from philosophy, developmental psychology, ecology to mysticism. He is also the pioneer behind “integral theory”, founding the Integral Institute in 1998.

Born in Oklahoma city in 1949, he started his professional education as a student of medicine at duke university. Later,during the course of his medical education he got inspired by the mesmerizing eastern literature. He left Duke to change his path and got enrolled in the University of Nebraska. He completed his bachelor’s in the fields of chemistry and biology as well as master’s in biochemistry. Wilber wrote his first book “The Spectrum of Consciousness”. The book is based on information and knowledge from various fields of study combined together. The book got published in 1977 by the company known as Quest books. Wilber also launched his journal ReVision in 1978.

Ken Wilber is an accomplished writer. He became one by keeping and maintaining a personal journal all his life. He wrote on a wide variety of topics. He wrote about sex, ecology and spirituality in 1995. The other books penned by him includes One Taste, A Theory of Everything as well as a novel entitled as Boomeritis. Wilber shifted to Boulder, Colorado, in 1987 where he worked on his Kosmos trilogy and supervised the work and functioning of the Integral Institute.

One of the most famous phenomenon developed by Wilber is AQAL. AQAL denotes the foundation of Wilber’s work. AQAL is an abbreviation for “all quadrants all levels”. It is also used as a connotation for ‘all lines’, ‘all states’ and ‘all types’. Basically, these represent the five categories of Wilber’s model of manifest existence.  Wilber believes that this model must include each of these five categories to represent completeness. He is also persistent on the idea that only such an account can be accurately called “integral”. In his essay, “Excerpt C: The Ways We Are in This Together”, Wilber elaborates AQAL as “one suggested architecture of the Kosmos”. The theory of AQAL is based on two truths doctrine that represents Buddhism. Wilber’s ideology is based on the idea, “the simple feeling of being”. Ken Wilber has a special interest in studying holons. According to Wilber’s theory, all holons have multiple lines of development or intelligence. They are comprised of cognitive, musical, spatial,aesthetic , spiritual, kinesthetic, ethical,  logical-mathematical and karmic intelligence.

Ken Wilber has also developed the concept of levels based on the lines of development . According to this theory the more highly developed you are in a particular line, the higher level you are at in that line. Wilber’s concept of the level is based on the theories of developmental psychology, including theory of cognitive development by PiagetKohlberg’s stages of moral development and among others. He currently works at integral spiritual center.

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