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Fritz Perls

Fritz Perls

Fritz Perls was a well renowned German psychotherapist and psychiatrist known for his notable works on Gestalt therapy. The interconnection between the individual being and the environment that he interacts with on a daily basis is the main idea behind Gestalt therapy. Born on July 8th, 1893 in Germany Fritz Perls was associated with Esalen institute. During his tenure at the institute he developed the schools of thought related to gestalt psychology and gestalt theoretical psychotherapy. He identified the main idea behind gestalt therapy is self-awareness regarding one’s feelings, emotions, perceptions, sensations and bodily feelings as well as the necessity of learning the association of oneself with the surroundings that he is present in.

He was a medical doctor by profession as he chose to study medicine instead of law which was studied by his uncle. Perls started off his career by serving the German Army during World War I. Soon after this major event in the world history he graduated as medical doctor and began practicing as an assistant to Kurt Goldstein who used to cure soldiers suffering from brain injury. Slowly Fritz got interested towards studying psychoanalysis. He started studying this subject under the supervision of Wilhelm Reich. He got married to Lore Posner in 1930 and after marrige they moved to Netherlands and later to South Africa. He wrote a book entitled Ego, Hunger and Aggression along with his wife, though her name was not mentioned as the author she had contributed to a great deal in writing this book. Fritz Perls also served in South African Army from 1942 to 1946, during his tenure with the South African army he reached the rank of a captain. After this job he left for New York where he published his works and findings on gestalt therapy. The key concept behind gestalt therapy is that it completely solves the problems of the individuals that are affected from sadness and depression to the extent that it hampers their growth and productivity in life.

The idea of gestalt therapy is to cure the problems that are hampering the growth and productivity that is coming in the success and prosperity of an individual’s life. Everyone has a right to live a fulfilled and satisfied life and gestalt therapy is the way of adopting the lifestyle and reforming the lives of individuals to make them ambitious and prosperous in order to get more out of their lives and due to this factor gestalt therapy is also known as humanistic type of psychotherapy. Conflicting ideas were also presented in gestalt therapy which caused rift between the experts practicing the gestalt therapy and led them to part their ways. Isadore Form, who was a teacher in New York assessed and presented about the low potential possessed by gestalt therapy. His views were also shared by the co-founders of Cleveland Institute but many others proposed gestalt as a way of leading a happy and satisfied life. One of the Fritz Perls’ renowned publication is Finding Self Through Gestalt Therapy. He died on march 14th,1970 in Chicago.

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