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Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis

Albert Ellis was an American psychologist acknowledged for the proposition of Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), recognized as one of the greatest psychologists who has influenced the society through his works. He is honored for theories that go acclaimed as the ground-breakers in the history of modern psychology. His profound works in the field of Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy and philosophy enjoys a repute of worldly fame and acknowledgement.

Born at Pittsburg and raised at New York his childhood was not a bed of roses but he survived through his childhood smartly. When he was a child he identified his mother having a bipolar disorder but instead of getting all upset over this issue he tried helping his mother by acting as an adult sibling towards his younger brother and sisters. His mother and father had an irresponsible attitude towards him and his siblings which made him stand on his own feet at a very young age having learnt to turn the hurdles and setbacks to opportunities and successes at a pretty tender age. He wanted to be a novelist  but he became a good counselor to his friends with the knowledge he gained and the problems he solved for friends with the passage of time.

He acquired his university education from City University of New York in 1934 and a Ph.D degree in Clinical Psychology from Teachers College at Columbia university. There, he received his training as a psychoanalyst.  His interest grew more in clinical psychology with the passage of time. He also realized the effectiveness of psychotherapy at during course of his degree at Columbia University.

His REBT theory works on the principles of ABC: A stands for activating, B stands to belief and C refers to consequences. This theory works by triggering painful experiences or troubles in the past or present that are reasons behind dissatisfaction and unhappiness and beliefs that have or do not have any ground in reality but have become a part of mind that always creates unhappiness, consequences define depression and extreme anger resulting from  beliefs and triggering of events from past. According to his theory of REBT he suggested that long term unhappiness caused due to any unpleasant events in the past can be cured by making the unhappy or depressed person realize that he had his share of successes and accomplishments and he is not a complete failure.

Albert Ellis was inspired by the works well renowned scholars of that time including the likes of  Adler, Horney, Fromm and Harry Sullivan and they played an influential role in Ellis’s career as a psychologist. His works with America Psychiatric Association are notable and revolutionary in the field of sexology and  turned over a new page and gave way to american sexual revolution .

He initiated cognitive behavioral therapies which were proved by scientific evidences. The CBT shaped up modern psychotherapy in many countries and thus helped him gained fame and recognition.

Ellis has enjoyed international repute throughout his professional life. He has large collection of published works and books to his name. He was entitled with “Humanist of the year” by the American Humanist Society in recognition of his profound works in nurturing human minds and freeing them from all kinds of distresses that affects their emotional well-being.

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